i suppose i should be flattered...

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...that somebody cares enough to want to google bomb me!

Many thanks to Rob Page for (a) catching it, and (b) letting me know.

Update, Saturday 11/13
For those of you who are coming to the site after having received a comment on your blog with my URL in it, here's an explanation.

I did not post the comments. They were generated by a kind of spamming software which is usually used to promote commercial web sites. In this case, the software is being put to use by someone (I don't know who) that's upset with either me or my writing, and is trying to accomplish two things. First, they want to associate my blog with the unpleasant descriptive term that's being placed in the 'name' field on the comment, so that when people search for that term my site will be the first result. (That's called "Googlebombing.") Second, they want unsuspecting site owners to see the comments, assume I'm just another spammer, and add my site's URL to their blacklist.

There's not much I can do about it, except for enjoy the surge in traffic to my site, and hope that people will take the time to check out my site before reflexively blacklisting it.

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Actually they also are doing spam for you also. But safe to say they are not your fans since they leave the comment "I can't shut my pie hole" with each comment...

I was amused though. Congrads on pissing em off.

I got two of these from the following IP addresses:

I don't know if that info helps us figure out who set this up.

That last comment was from me, btw. Two more just came through before I was able to add an entry to the blacklist.

Weird stuff.

One IP posting the googlebomb to sites i monitor is in the domain tnmi-*.ip.telnetww.com. Another is in *.oceanic.net

Mail me if you want the exact ips...

I wonder if they know that more links to you will make you more googular and therefore a more important site...

Thanks for the IPs. There's a third one that Rob sent me, so I suspect that this is someone who'll be hard to catch.

damn... it made me reflexively add this url to my blacklist. I don't like that I'll have to pay more attention to the urls in my blacklist now.

Ah. Suddenly it becomes clearer. They're trying to get me added to a master blacklist. :P

I'll mention it to Jay and ask him to make sure that it doesn't get into the central blacklist, at least.

I got some, too, just FYI. They say you're a "Whiney Communist Bitch". That sounds good to me!

Added you to my flickr contacts, btw.

Take care!

Hi there. My blog was also hit by your 'fan spammer.' Looks like someone doesn't like you. IP addresses I've seen are:

I just received two also. Good news, it got me to your site. Bad news, it might get you blacklisted. But since they're using different IP addresses ( and in my case, likely due to highjacked computers being used to send it), hopefully it won't universally blacklist you.

Here's another IP:

Here's another IP address for you:

On the plus side, Mamamusings, you're getting some traffic. Doesn't change the nastiness of what's been done to you.

I was wondering why you posted on something from over a year ago! I thought it was the old bitch I was posting about coming back to haunt me!! :) Spammers and assholes suck.

I've been hit by 30 spams from "you" in the last 90 minutes...I'm glad to learn that it is NOT you, in fact. I hope the bastard/s responsible suffer some physical ailment that will prevent him/them from using a computer for many, many years. Some sort of advanced carpal-tunnel syndrome, or something.

Hang in there.

Oddly, I just got one of these as well. I'm glad I caught this, though, because I was about to MT-Blacklist it. This would be unfair if you ever decided--god knows why--to comment on my site.

You have my sympathy.

If I am unsure of the site I am about to add from my blacklist I check it out first - a quick visit here would obviously tell any intelligent person that you are not responsible for the crap being spread around - I've gotten spam comments from www.yahoo.com and www.msn.com before, which are obviously not from them.

"I can't shut my pie hole" is one of the comments? Sounds like someone has an issue with ignoring something they are not a fan of, or possibly an issue with being jealous of the attention you are receiving instead of them. Funny how some people only grow older and not wiser.

i too received one of these comments, it seems like it's more helping than hurting you though.

Hi there...I got one too. The IP address was - Hope you track 'em down.

Well, you have a new reader thanks to the spam in my comments from your "friend". The piehole comment with the url was perplexing so I had to check the site out.

I'm just surprised even I got spammed as I have oh, I dunno, an average of 10 readers a day, lol.

I've gotten 4 from the whiny communist who can't shut her piehole:

Damn Intermenet!

: )

Yep, I got one too on a post that had nothing to do with my liberal leanings. I usually rant like hell from a leftist perpective, but this was just a random personal post.

Oh, and the IP was

greetings. your comment spammers just "badvertised" your web site to me - but after receiving ten of the "whiny communist etc" emails i was overcome with curiosity and had to drop by. i'm adding you to my blogrolls. very pleased to meet you!

how does it feel to fail, comment spammers? YEAH! CHOKE ON IT!!

sorry, i have a personal vendetta against those sort of people. :)

carry on ...

p.s. -
here's what i harvested:

Aye, my site was spammed too. Wow, what an asshole. Well, I hope it gets you more readers and not too much trouble.

I am feeling left out...I didn't get spammed by the whiny communist bitch. hmm. Hang in there Liz :)

I got spammed too by the whiny communist bitch, lol. But I knew it looked odd when there wasn't all the usual spam paraphenalia in the message so thought I'd check out the link. It's scary to think that someone would do that to you.

I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and even though I got pretty jealous when you wrote about going to acm cscw (haven't been to an acm conference since acm one), I can't seem to understand what you could possibly have said on your site that could get some moron that pissed off?

I haven't gotten spammed, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a disgruntled student.

..those RIT types can really be a pain in the bum =P

Good call putting the notice on your site, although I must admit I was immediately suspicious of the "spam" nature of the comment when I saw it was from a .net domain. Pretty unusual.

admin: raptor.slc.edu/blogs

Using spam to badmouth someone - how childish. Even though I disagree strongly with a lot of your views, I wouldn't stoop that low. But at least you're getting lots of traffic and new readers. ;-)

I got one of these as well and was about to Blacklist your site. But it looks like the spam may have worked in your favor as I have now added you to my favorites. :)

This is utterly hilarious. This person who is so pissed at you is spending so much of their time on trying to comment spam and the sad thing is is that they are probably spending most of their time reading these replies. The sad thing is that they are feeling hurt inside and they are to scared and cowardly to show their true identity.

So sad... I pity them. I hope their pain goes away soon because it probably isn't fun feeling so worthless.

Unfortunately, they probably aren't spending much time at all. There are programs out there that automate this process, including using proxy servers to spoof the originating IP addresses. All the culprit had to do was type the information in once.

However, it is true that it's having the opposite effect that they'd hoped for...I've got a bunch of new readers as a result. Which is a rather nice ironic twist.

And while my URL may end up on a couple of sites' blacklists, Jay Allen has promised me it won't make it onto the master MT blacklist. If I should run into a problem with it somewhere, I can always email the site admin and ask them to remove it--or just not include my blog URL, which is really not a big deal.

At least in terms of making you the top entry from google, they did succeed. I thoroughly enjoy Expression Engine's CAPTCHAs, which seem to have done a perfect job (so far) of keeping comment spam off my blog. Unfortunately those using screen readers now have to become members to post comments (although this is more theoretical, considering the popularity, or lack thereof of my blog).

i screen every comment so wont approve it, since you didn't write it, but "I just can't shut my pie hole." seems like a good thing to me! ;) keep whining!

I am getting a bunch of comment spam that gives an unregistered URL (someone's name) and a short note. I don't get the point at all.

Cool, that spammy thing hit my site! So yeah!

Jack, re: comment spam giving unregistered URLS - I've had a number of these myself and I think the point is that the URL seems innocuous, you check it out, find out it leads nowhere, and so don't delete/blacklist. A while later, the URL will be registered, and probably redirected to somewhere nastier.

Another reason for comment spam: It sucks up bandwidth and eventually knocks out your website. I'm working on moving to a higher-bandwidth location, but until that happens I am stuck.

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