very cool os x app for cataloging your personal media

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This is brilliant.

Delicious Monster has nothing to do with the bookmarking system, but it's every bit as cool.

Run your very own library from your home or office using our impossibly simple interface. Delicious Library's digital shelves act as a visual card-catalog of your books, movies, music and video games. A scan of a barcode is all Delicious Library needs to add an item to your digital shelves, downloading tons of info from the internet like the author, release date, current value, description, and even a high-resolution picture of the cover. Import your entire library using our exclusive full-speed iSight video barcode scanner, our Flic® Wireless Laser Bar Code Scanner, or (the slow way) entering the titles by hand. Once you have all of your items in your Mac, you can browse though your digital shelves, check stuff out to friends using Apple's built-in Address Book and calendar, and find new items to read, watch, and play using Library's recommendations.

Wow. I'll definitely be trying this out this week. Stay tuned for a review. (And eat your heart out, Windows users. This is OS X Panther only...)

Update, 11/11/04

It's as good as it looks! It took only seconds to install. I clicked on the camera button, held a book's bar code in front of my iSight, and with a scanner-like beep all the information appeared in the window (and the program read the title out loud). w00t! This is so cool! I am so sending in my $40 today.

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Delicious Library has gotta be the coolest "catalog your stuff" tool I've seen in a long time. I set... Read More

Delicious Library Delicious Library (note: the name has nothing to do with the social bookmarks manager. ) is an Macintosh OS X application that allows for the cataloging of a home or classroom library collection, a visual card-catalog of y... Read More

I keep running across reviews of the new Delicious Library software (which had earlier prompted this). It fascinates me that we humans have such a craving for keeping/organizing/maintaining large collections. Or maybe it is a Western thing, related to ... Read More


i so just saw this on The Screen Savers on techtv yesterday =P it is pretty nifty looking.

Readerware is a similar type of product (no video game categorization). It's a Java application, so it can theoretically run anywhere.

But the name was confusing wasn't it.

To be more specific, Mac OS X Panther. *sigh* I'm still holding out for the Tiger update, but this almost makes me want to upgrade right now...

Nifty! Being able to scan barcodes like that just sounds like fun.

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