rit-it election night party

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Yes, we're having a party!

On Tuesday night, Elouise Oyzon and I are hosting a party in the IT conference room (70-2400). We'll have two projectors going--one with an IRC chat so that people can participate from the comfort of their own homes, and one with either streaming video from the web or broadcast TV (we're waiting to find out if there's a live coax jack in there).

We'd love to have you there--while you're welcome to yell and scream at the screens, however, we do ask that you refrain from abusing attendees who might not share your political leanings.

So don't sit home alone, watching the results trickle in all by yourself. Come join us--preferably in real-time, but at the very least in irc.

(Planned channel is irc://irc.freenode.net/#ritparty ; you can use a dedicated IRC client to connect, or you can use Mozilla--just type the URL into Mozilla and it will launch the appropriate software and connect you.)

As for refreshments, we'll collect $ for pizza and drinks, or you can bring your own food if you're broke. But given the glass walls of the room, it might be best not to bring any alcoholic beverages. :)

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All the best on your nonpartisan party! As you can imagine many of us who are not citizens of your country are watching with anticipation not only the outcome of the election but how it is conducted and if in the years ahead how the peculiarities of political polorization will play out. All the best for this November election and all the future ones to come.

Will barf bags be provided, in the event the good guys don't win?

We are having an election night party at our house. i am planning on serving a breakfast buffet, since it may be a long night!

I also came up with a playlist for the night, which I just posted on my blog:


Have a great night!

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