i'm going to greece!


So, the mystery birthday gift from my mom to my son yesterday was tickets for a trip to Athens over Thanksgiving--and I'm going, too!

We leave November 18th, return on the 25th. And I am so excited! I've never been to Greece (although I did spend a year in Malta as a teenager, while my dad was on sabbatical).

Suggestions, ideas, etc are more than welcome. I'd love to go see the monasteries in Metéora, but I'm not sure it we can manage to fit it in. (Anybody know how long the bus ride from Athens is? Or how scary/dangerous/difficult the driving would be if we rented a car?)


Oh, Liz,

You must dine on moussaka [sp?] in the Plaka in the early evening on the slopes of the Acropolis. A once in a lifetime experience!

I am so envious of you guys. Can I help you with your luggage? ;-)


Well Liz ... Greece is a wonderful place, and even know it's small, you can't see much on one trip. While the bus system and train is OK, renting a care is really the way to go. Yes, Greece has the greatest highway fatality rate in Europe, however, i've driven Greece several times and it doesn't take much to get used to when travelling the peloponesus (which I would recommend). Athens driving is the worst, but I rented a car from Swift and the owner actually took the time to lead me out of the city onto the main highway. It was a nice service, and a fair price for the car rental.

You could take the train to meteora as well ... you end up with a really nice view along the way ... but you actually only get as far as Kalambaka ... then you have to still take a short bus trip.

There's lots to check out on the peloponesus ... and this would be my first choice if you don't hit the islands.

Wow, very cool!

Greece is an AMAZING place, you will love it there. :-) Take lots of pictures, and the next time I see you I'll share some of the experiences I had when I went with my grandparents (oddly enough, I was about the same age as Alex at the time!) - we stopped in a couple of places during our cruise around Italy.

In Athens I have seen coach tours advertised which take in a lot of the major sites (including the Meteora, which is upwards of 5 hours away from Athens by road) in a short period of time, which may be a stress-free way of doing it, if you don't mind groups.

Dear Liz,

I am a retired Baptist minister. I have to nail my colours to the mast right away in case you think I am a boring nutcase or a pervert.
If you are still reading - just wanted to say thanks v much for your pages and photos of your lovely family. Tell me where that high bridge is so I can find it when these crazy politicians drive me mad and I have to jump from it. What did the rheumatism say to the arthritis? A. "Let`s get out of this joint". That`s just to show you also that though I am a minister I also have a terribly warped sense of humour - all the check-out women in our loca supermarket duck down behind their tills when they see me entering - they can`t stand the jokes.
God bless you and the pinkies,


you will love greece: there is something self theatrical about blogging: the whole thing about space and sculpting personal identities online.

as our equipment becomes a grammar onto itself, the basics of ancient grammars become very important for us to understand how democracy came into being and then no longer was. The emphasis on human centeredness, i hope you get to the ancient agora and then to the parthenon. it will be cool in november so bring light jackets.

there is a nearby byzantine museum in Dafni so you can compare the ancient and hellenistic art trends with the middle ages. Neo platonic thought sort of made things heavy and stagnate, especially after the burning down of the alexandrian library.

libraries came into being as knowledge acumulated; sort of the stuff you are researching now. the difference now is that the data is becoming more personal; each one of us is developing tons of stored data, within multiple emotional states.

you will find greeks very moody, and argumentative; what we here in the us consider as norm, is not the norm in greece; it is expected and considered polite to be argumentative. There is a lot of metacommunication in hand gestures and voice tonality.

it is difficult to understand socrates without underlining the ironic tones; he probably did not like Plato as a student...but he wrote well...

So please check out the ancient theatres, here you will find a different perspective, and i think, will give insight to the artistic nature of blogging before the audience, and the post google remembering of comments made; moody comments that are very human, correct only in that they where made by the typing hands.

as you may already know, Plaka is near the ancient theatres and the acropolis


(an honor knowing you)


the light is interesting on the ancient architecture; near sunset with an orange sky in the background is a great opportunity for pictures and understanding the wycoff set towards image processing and data mining images themselves (practical application is in radiology) if you get a hotel near the acropolis, you can take images at night as well...

understanding how an image can be data mined

visual cue retrieval

more on image data processing with future search engines towards a visual poetic

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