I've spent most of last night and today tracking down old friends from my years with Dave in DC, and letting them know about his passing. It's odd how the names keep popping up in my memory, a few at a time. I've sent about a dozen emails to people whose contact information I could find. With luck, they'll find their way to the entry and post their own "nenirues."

Along the way, I discovered that has a small cache of pages related to TMMABBS the bbs on which Dave and I met, and where our friends from those years congregated. And on the "ramblings" page of that archived site (yes, Dave and I were the two denizens referred to in the first paragraph) I found some of Dave's writing, which I'm glad has been preserved.

For example, here's a classic Dave post on lacing shoes:

Actually, Laila explained the proper use of the Last Hole of the Reeboks when Rox was getting a few tips on Fool's Errand at Frank's MacPlus from Frank. She'd be the best source of information, but I might be able to explain it by consulting the very pair of Reeboks laced in fact by her - the last hole at least. Ever since then I have just loosened them. I did buy a fresh pair just yesterday, and laced them the same, but the original "class notes" are always best... one moment... OK, then:

For the purpose of this instruction, the Reebok will be said to have holes numbered 1 to N, with the last two holes, being designated N, and N-1. Each "hole" is duplicated along either side of the "lacing discontinuity" Lacing is symmetrical with respect to the discontinuity. Holes 1 to N-2 are laced using conventional or unconventional technique, as desired. Use of the retaining slot in the tongue is optional. Hole N-2 is laced to the underside of the opposing hole N-1. Hole N-1 is then laced to the top side of adjacent hole N. From the underside of hole N, the lace is run across the discontinuity and through the small loop formed by the lace between the opposite hole N and hole N-1. Final "snugging" of the shoe is accomplished by pulling at the laces so as to close the (N,N-1) loops against the shoe. The finishing knot is required, but the type of knot is up to the wearer. There. That should do it.


You know somewhere in a sea of dgitial storage I've got archives of at least some of the old TMABBS messages from the Appe ][ days and then more from the boa's brief incarnation as an Internet email list (man, that never had the same charm, maybe I just didn't check in enough...).

Sorry about your loss Liz. Dave sounds like an interesting person with a good sense of humor. Love lasts a long time.

Hi Liz,
Saw this blog while searching for TMABBS in google. I was musing on blogging in general at a digital art sight ( and was waxing on the good old days (Pre Internet) when 1200,n,8,1 really meant something. Sad news about Dave T. I only met him (and you) face to face a few times but remember the spirited conversations on TMABBS. So what became of Terry Monks hisself? I googled his name and got nada?

Don Noll

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