coming up for air


Still here. Just juggling too many things, so the blog has ended up last on the list of priorities. Research has been bogged down, but is starting to come together (probably because of impending deadlines). Kids' routines are getting established--music lessons, swimming lessons, grandparent time, media metering, homework, etc etc. Classes are shifting into higher gears. Responsibilities for other external activities are looming.

I'm not depressed; just overwhelmed. I'll be back.


Welcome to the club! I will eventually get to posting a similar entry on my own blog, but I'm in the tutoring center at the moment helping people out. :-)

This will be a very busy year, but very exciting too!

Ehh I hate when that happens . Particularly the looming part . Nothing like an extra 50 pounds of weight from extraneous responsibility to liven the day!

Hopefully things will clear up for you though

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