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So, Apple finally released a version of iSync (1.5) that recognizes my Motorola v400 cell phone, which is great news. But it only lets me sync contacts and calendar information--which means there's still no way for me to download photos or upload ringtones. <sigh>

I've poked around quite a bit, and can't find any sign of an OS X utility that will provide this functionality. I really wish I were enough of a programmer to write something myself, but I'm not.

Anybody know of something that will do this? Either existing or in the works? Failing that, perhaps the lazyweb will come to the rescue...


I haven't found anything - but I know a great place to look (although I have searched for it on the forum, and nothing yet - but its still a 'new' thing).


It is where I learned how to manipulate my LG VX6000 phone .. which is quite nice, since I don't have to pay verizon to put my pics on my computer.

Hopefully something will pop up on the forums for ya in the next few days if lazyweb doesn't come through.

Having both a PC & Mac and a V600, I was interested in getting it to work with my Mac. Since I have Bluetooth, you would think that I could just send files over to the Mac, but no. From my trials, it appears that the Vxxx series has a funky OBEX implementation.

So on my PC, I use the Motorola Phone Tools software. Over bluetooth, it actually uses the Dial Up Networking profile, which further supports my theory that Motorola implemented some weird file transfer stuff with the Vxxx series.

Getting back to the main issue at hand... Despite all of my extensive searching, I can't find any utilities that will work with MacOS X & Vxxx phones. The only thing I can suggest is to acquire the MPT software for PC & run it under VirtualPC on the Mac. Not the best solution in the world, but I think it's as good as it's going to get for the Mac + Vxxx USB issue for pictures, ringtones & video.

Here is an excellent link for V400 PC USB info:

There is a link in there to "acquire" the MPT software, but if you rather have a legal copy, I saw that CellularAccessory.com has a good price on the software & an OEM data cable. eBay usually has it cheap, too.


How did you get iSync to recognize your v400? Mine isn't showing up, even in the USB profiler.

Would bitpim help?

How are you guys getting Mac syncing with VX6000 (LG) phones?

Good god...I wish somebody knew how to get the Vxxx series to sync to a Mac. If it could just show up as a USB storage device, we would be all set...

I have found a C150t Phone from motorola, i have also checked that it have a usb miniport.... theres a way to sync it with any utilities? both Motorola and MPT doesnt show this model on its compatibility chart...

any sugestion???

iSync will recognize your Vxxx if you purchase a USB data cable directly from Motorola. On Apple's iSync compatibility chart, it does short support for the Vxxx's.

I'm pretty bummed there is no way for Vxxx users who have macs to upload mp3's, games, and photos to the phone. It amazes me that that it isn't available.

you can actually exchange files with your bluetooth enabled VXX handsetthrough the bluetooth utility whn active and connected to the phone click on the bluetooth icon on the menu bar and youll see the option of looking up files, i have been able to take the pictures in m v600 and move them to my powerbook and i have uploaded mp3 ringtones from my powerbook into my v600 through it

I've read that while bluetooth isn't built in to the v400, its available via an adapter. The Motorola part is the DC600, as shown here: http://www.simplycheap.com/motodc600.html (although I've seen it cheaper elsewhere).
One reader review that I saw "somewhere" claims that once the bluetooth capability is on your phone, you can just browse it like any other device via your Mac and pull down pictures, push up ring-tones, etc.
I'm hoping for some confirmation on this. Has anyone here tried and found that it worked? or didnt?
Liz, did you get the bluetooth option?

I got the USB cable and its nice that iSync works well with it now. A big improvement really; but why that doesn't enable the file push/pulls seems like a capability that Motorola must have gone out of their way to make *not* work via USB.


I purchased a v400 adapter for $1.50 from eBay back in March. It was a generic cord and it works perfect w/ my iBook. Just run iSync and then click Devices and then add device. It found my iPod and v400 (flashed to V600).

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