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We're gearing up for the long drive down south, and are going to try to enjoy ourselves as much as possible along the way. Towards that end, we're reviewing AAA maps and guidebooks, and have settled on two stopping points en route to Birmingham.

First stop will be outside of Columbus, Ohio, where we plan to visit the Olentangy Indian Caverns. We're thinking about camping that night at Delaware State Park (which is in Ohio, natch). I'm particularly intrigued by the "Rent-a-Yurt" option there.

From there, we'll head down to Mammoth Cave National Park. I've never been there, but it looks really interesting. We'll spend one or two nights there, possibly at a campsite or cabin, and then do the last leg down to Birmingham.

After a few days in Alabama visiting with family, and possibly a day or two of camping at Lake Lurleen (if the weather isn't too stifling...ha!), we'll head down to Navarre, Florida, where we'll spend a week at a condo owned by Gerald's cousin. Bliss. We've stayed there once before, and loved it. Lovely pool, direct beach access. If only the hurricanes will stay away for a few days, it will be perfect!

Expect lots of photos along the way...a few here, but most over on Flickr.


Do your travels take you down I-71 through Cincinnati? If so, being the responsible native Ohioan, I would recommend Hueston Woods State Park in Oxford, OH. My girlfriend is an alumni of Miami University (which is one of the nicest college campuses that I've ever seen, and is well known for being very beautiful, including UMich, which is a close second in my book) & its absolutely beautiful down there. I've only had a chance to drive by the Hueston Woods area, but it looks really cool. Hopefully on our next trip down to Miami (when the weather is warm) we'll get to stay there.

forgot to add the URL:

Mammoth Cave is fantastic, not only for the tours but also for the history. Take the expert tour, unless you are really claustrophobic, they give you a souvenir helmet to which they attach a light (which is not a souvenir).

The most amazing thing to me is after you get really deep in the cave, you realize that the guy who first navigated the deeps was doing so in the 19th century with a candle, no guarantee that the walls weren't going to cave in on him, and no guide to tell him the way out if he got lost.

Dag... Just haven't been reading blogs much...)-;

Wish I'd seen this earlier...)-; Dunno that I'd give ya a holler or anything, but.. dunno...

Anyhoo, be sure to check out the big-city lights of Newark (Ohio) and the near-capital New Albany (Ohio)... Btw, I used-ta live with my parents between DubLIN (Ohio) and WORTHington. There's an intersection (not a city or town, even) right near by called Linworth.

Hey, I'm just glad I didn't name these things!!...;-D Too much about me, hope y'all have a fine trip and a safe one.

Mammoth Cave is amazing! Your kids will love it. It is truely a natural wonder. The tour guides are excellent. I cannot image how it must have been for the original explorers over a hundred years ago with only lanterns to guide them.

Oh yeah! And Watch out for the little bats!

Have a great trip! I'll be looking forward to your photos.

i don't know what sort of whirlwind brought me to your site but i stayed for a while and liked your political comments. A big shadow casting on our local people's minds is this big 'coming out' of New Jersey Governor James McGreevey. It is very bad for democrats nation wide. I wonder if you would be interested in looking into that debate...

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