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Yes, I'm still here. I haven't been blogging, but I have been posting occasional cameraphone photos over on Flickr, including this one of the boys that turned out quite well. (I love the fact that I can instantly send photos from my cameraphone to Flickr using MMS!)


This was taken at a beach on Lake Ontario, right by the Irondequoit Bay Bridge. We stopped there on our way home from Seabreeze, a local amusement park. I didn't take photos there because I spent most of my time on the rollercoasters,, including four trips on the Whirlwind with Alex. (Lane preferred the Jackrabbit, an old-fashioned wooden coaster, which is also a lot of fun.)

I suspect blogging will pick up when we pile into the new van and head south. Gerald likes to do most of the driving, so I'll have plenty of time to write while the kids watch DVDs. Travel blogging is always fun. With luck, I'll have lots of pictures like the ones we took the last time we stayed down on the Gulf. Here's one of my favorites from that trip, two years ago:


This one is nice, too. It was taken at the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama. The memorial is quite beautiful...waters is actually pouring over the wall behind the boys (they soaked their backs, but it felt pretty good in the Alabama summer heat), and over the table to their left.


For those of you more interested in courseware updates than family vacation photos, I expect to be releasing the courseware as close to when MT 3.1 comes out (August 31st) as possible.


Image quality is amazing for a camphone...nicely done. Kudos!

Great pictures. It looks like it was a brisk day at Ontario Beach that day. That little beach used to be my old stumping grounds. I used to run to it with my Golden Retriever, Jake, from my house about a mile away. He'd get to go swimming and I'd get to rest. Then we'd run back home. The people on the peer often enjoyed watching him swim out to fetch the stick that I had thrown far out in the water.

Whenever the algae kicked in the lake, my pretty blonde golden would come out of the water green!

I happen to found ur website by surfing the net for free sidekick and I really like this website. I have been surfing the net to put pictures and journal about whats going on with me and my family. I want to share that with my friends and family. What's the website for me to sign up and put in the pictures, journal, etc?

Thanks!! U did a great job with that!

I love that picture and especially the quote from MLK. Being an Israeli I "happen" (they force you to) know the Bible (old testament) in its original language, and that quote is very reminiscent of that wonderful biblical language.
Good job.

If you want a quote of mine (and I am NOT suggesting you compare the two), here it is:

"The empty half of the glass is always at the top"

Joshua Salik

Salik Games

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