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I've closed comments on this entry, because the flow of invitations has subsided, but the number of requests (particularly from people with whom I have no prior interaction) has started to snowball. If you already know me--from offline or online interactions--and want an account, let me know through alternate means.

Five more GMail invites have appeared in my account today. If you'd like one, let me know.

Update: Mine are all gone. Five more new ones just appeared. Brilliant marketing by Google. Leave a comment if you want one.

You can also try here, here, or here. I'm assuming they all got additional invites to distribute tonight, as well.

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GMail from Dave's Weblog on June 17, 2004 12:34 PM

Thank you Professor Lawley for sending me one of her GMail invites! GMail is Google's new beta web e-mail service (FREE!). It provides you with an unheard of 1,000 megabytes of space (yes, that is one gig) which is a lot more than any competition - alt... Read More



I am interested!!! Can you send one my way? :-)

I am in training all this week (right now). A GMail invite would make my day(s) :-D


Pick me, pick me! Oh, to be visited by the bountiful gmail fairy!

Hi Liz,

I'd love an invite if you have any more...let me know! :)


Yes, please!

If they're not already gone, that is...

Oops...didn't leave an email address :)

It's a little sad to see so many people crawling out of the woodwork all over the place to beg for GMail accounts. Only giving them to the cool kids has been a great way to create hype, you gotta give them that...

(P.S. I'll, uh, be your best friend forever if you give me an invite!!!!!11 :)

Invitations have been sent to Eric, Pooja, George, Norman, and Julia.

All gone now.

Well, I find this a bit unfair: you take one signle day off from bloglines notifications, you know, just checking what's happened in the evening (it's the evening right now in France where I live), and see what happens... GMail invitations pass by!

I've still got some too.

Actually I'm out now too...

I have some invites to give away. Please just email me. aplmnz at gmail dot com

I humbly ask if you happen to have another - it would be nice :grovel:

Am I too late to ask for an invitation?

love one if you have it.

and it is brilliant marketing.

"This is your LAST FIVE."

"No wait, THIS is your last five."



Hi Liz,

could i get an invite, if you still happen to have any left.


likewise if there are any left.


Could you please send me one if any more GMail invites come your way?

Douzo Yoroshiku!


he he...have one and its very it from alex halavais..using it to build a photoblog of toxic waste dumps in nj.

hi, if you have any invite, please send it to me?

Name: Vicente Russo Neto
Email: vince AT canallondrina DOT com DOT br

I'd love an invite if you've got any to spare!

Can I have one please? It would mean so much! Thanks

I'd love one -- jb -at-

Thanks in advance!

I apologize for raining on ANYBODY's parade here. imo/observations


Btw, to commenter above "Sandeep", that is an unusual pseudonym. You used-ta host an EXTREMELY POPULUAR site(s).. a couple years ago? (Can't remember name(s).) You know "Asheera"? (She may have used different pseudonym, tho.)

Just real curious...

I have been searching for a gmail account for a while now and have been very unsuccessfull. If you get an extra one I would love to join. Thanks alot.


If someone still has one left for me, plss spread the lovee :)

If someone still has one left for me, plss spread the lovee :)

Oh my email might help..

zeeshaikh1394 @ yahoo . ca

Gmail invite would be appreciated!

otso.v at

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