a nice start


I don't think it will last much longer, but I'm quite pleased with my first week of quiz grades in Japanese.


(That's for the 46 hiragana kanas that we learned last week; the first quiz was あーさ, the second was たーは, and the third was まーん .)


Well, Liz, if the grades deviate (dive?) from the 100 percent mark, and if you continue reporting them, you have the makings of another conference paper on the subgenre of blogs entries devoted to regular progress reports (there is Weez's cardio and benchpressing reports.)

Congrats on the good marks! There has been a lot happening in your neck of the Rochester woods. Just how do you manage to find the time?

Francois, I fully expect the grades to deviate, and there's nowhere for them to go but down. :)

As to the time, I'm carving it out of time that i should probably be spending doing data coding and house cleaning. But it's just for five weeks, which is the only thing that makes me think I can stick it out!

Kids here, who's native is what you're working on, spends 2 years to learn those basics of hiragana & katakana... as I recall. Plus, probably another couple of years for basic of kanji. Then, they go for grammer & vocabulary.
Regarding to this schema, you could see how tough your course would be!

Hope I can find your id on Japanese blog sites very soon :P

I think that's really a nice start and I won't be surprised if it lasts loger! Keep it up!!

I too am sure, someday I will find your name associated with a Japanese blog!

Best Wishes,

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