my 24 hours of online fame

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It's not quite the /. effect, but it was close enough. Here's what happened to my site after it was linked by Dan Gillmor, BoingBoing, Making Light, Electrolite, and TechTV all in one day.

SiteMeter stats for this week

Update: Holy cr*p. Jon Henshaw points out in my comments that my post has also been picked up on Wired News. Battening down the hatches, and hoping for the best. (I'm too afraid to check out the cost of bandwidth excess in my current hosting package...)

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Security and the power of the blog from Mike's Digital Laboratory on May 23, 2004 11:31 PM

Just last week I saw Liz in the hallway and said �Can you believe that security hole in OS X!... Read More


Yeah, well you may end up having even more traffic since just linked to you too.

Enjoy your fame while you have it. ;-) As soon as they have started, they will stop visiting and things will go back to normal. Just a few days...

I remember Liz when she was a lowly college professor at some backwoods university in upstate New York, somewhere. She was different in those days..., before she sold out. :o)

These recent links to have driven you into the top 1,000 blogs based on recent links as tracked by the See: PubSub's LinkRanks for more info. Today, is at rank 232, up 251 positions since yesterday... On the other hand, languishes far behind...

bob wyman

Another interesting note from that linkrank thing: has gone from #114 to #76 in one day. I wonder why? ;-)

Maybe if you host ads here that can help pay for the overage costs. Or you could ask people to give you money, which a has become popular on some sites (

Look at the top of the individual pages. Ads. ;-)

Whee, exciting!

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