please pray for marshall


On the bus to the symposium on Tuesday morning, my phone rang. It was my husband calling to tell me about this.

Marshall is the "baby brother" of my stepdaughters (he's their mother's son from a subsequent marriage).

Our most recent information is that he's hanging on, and that he appears to be aware that his family (including Gerald's daughters) is there and with him.

If you're one who believes in the power of positive energy, or prayer (or even if you're not...), I'd be very grateful if you'd direct some towards Marshall right now.


My thoughts are with you and Marshall.

Its just not right...your family has been through too much. Marshall will be in my thoughts...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Continuing prayers fgrom Evanston. . . .

Our thoughts and prayers are with Marshall. So very senseless indeed.

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