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So, I really do like Shrook, and I even paid for my copy. However, I'm having consistent problems with it killing my Internet connection, which may mean I have to drop it in favor of another newsreader (NetNewsWire comes highly recommended).

I've never before had the experience of an application single-handedly killing my Internet connectivity, but I've been able to replicate the problem enough times that I'm quite sure it's not coincidence.

The problem occurs only when I'm viewing a site that I've set to show me web pages rather than the RSS entry--one if the features I like best about Shrook, really, so I'm loathe to just turn it off.

The process is this...I start up Shrook, it does its checking, all with no problem. I can then view entries from any of my "channels" without difficulty, until I get to one where the setting is to view web pages. More than 50% of the time (but not 100%, which is frustrating from a troubleshooting standpoint) nothing happens. No information appears in the window. And at that point, all of my other TCP/IP apps stop working. If I pull up the Network control panel in OS X, it shows me as being online with a valid IP address for 1-2 minutes after that, but then it switches to a 169.254 self-assigned IP. Attempting to renew my DHCP lease doesn't do anything; I have to restart the computer to get my connectivity back. This happens both at home and in the office, and only when I click on a Shrook entry that's been set for web page viewing.

(I'm running OS X 10.3.3 with all current software updates installed, btw.)

I figured I'd post about it in case anyone else has or had the same problem; I searched for it and couldn't find any other information about it. If you've got any ideas or solutions, please let me know!

Update, 4/26: It's getting worse; now it appears to be causing my connection to die without my even loading a web-view channel. I'll need to stop using it until an update comes out to address whatever network instability the application is introducing.


I don't think I've ever heard of an application disconnecting a network connection. When I used to do tech support, we used to always have a problem with Outlook Express disconnecting a current dial-up connection. If I remember correctly, though, we were always to change a setting to resolve an issue. This sounds more like a serious bug.

I suspect that its flooding the connection with traffic of some sort, causing it to shut down--though I haven't installed any tools that would let me monitor it.

Out of curiousity, are you connecting through a hard-wired Ethernet or through wireless airport?

I ask because I developed some strange networking problems with my home wireless router towards the end of last week. My connection signal strength all but died off less than 15' away from the router -- but then would magically reappear, weakly, a while later (only to disappear again).

Apple put out an Airport update for OS X about 2 weeks ago and there's now a new one out as of yesterday. I've installed it and my home connection is back to what it was, if not slightly better.

Don't know if it's related to your issue or not, but I figure an extra 2 cents won't hurt.


Hi. I haven't had the same problem with Shrook I don't think but am running 10.3.3 and have gotten lots of crashes with Shrook so went back to NetNewsWire. I wish that either they would get Shrook working better and then add in features I like in NetNewsWire or that NetNewsWire would add that feature of view the web page that Shrook has. I like it too. I didn't buy Shrook but if you get it running well in the future, could you post again? Up to you. It's not fair of me to give you an assignment. I hope they update Shrook soon. It's cool.




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