homeward bound


We leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow for our long trip back home. Shanghai to Tokyo, Tokyo to Detroit, Detroit to Rochester. Our longest flight leaves Tokyo at about 1pm on Saturday, and arrives in Detroit at about 11am the same day, which is a bizarre time-traveling feat that I understand rationally but am boggled by anyways.

Lane's been a trooper, but I think he's really ready to head home...as am I. Hard to believe that classes are starting Monday. It won't be an easy transition back to real life for any of us, I suspect, but it was well worth it.

It's been an amazing trip, and I'll do some retrospective blogging on the return trip, with more details on both Tokyo and Shanghai. I'll leave you with this picture, taken this evening from our hotel window.



I miss you, girlfriend. It'll be good to have you back.

Hey Lane,

It'll be good to see you again! BTW, do you remember the difference between bass clef and tenor clef? And what is the highest string on the cello? And what is a harmonic note? or a double-stop? I hope you'll be ready to teach me all of this stuff once you're back in town!

Wow. What an amazing trip. The picture looks like a postcard.

Have a good flight home Liz!

I've really enjoyed following along with you on your trip. The pictures are great!

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