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Off we go.

Sitting in the Rochester airport, about to board our flight to Detroit. Three hour layover there, and then we're Tokyo-bound. I think it really just hit us (me and Lane) last night that this was really happening.

Traveling with Lane is a treat...having an enthusiastic, articulate 9-year-old along changes the way everyone around us reacts. It's hard not to smile when you see him radiating excitement.

He'll be blogging this trip; once he starts posting (perhaps during the layover in Detroit, if we find WiFi), I'll link to him from here. We're going to use his blog as a way for him to communicate with his fourth-grade class in Rochester while he's gone--he'll be able to post photos and stories, and they'll be able to comment and ask questions.

We're fully wired on this trip; Lane has his GameBoy and a brand new game (Sword of Mana). I've got my powerbook (with two extra fully-charged batteries), and my iPod (with two unabridged books downloaded from Audible.com; Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, and Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake.

They're boarding, so off we go.


Have a great trip, Liz! I'll be touring vicariously through you!


oh ender's game is so good! the perfect book for a long flight since it'll just grab your attention and immerse you in the world orson scott card has created.. (supposedly they're making a movie out of the book but bah! the movie just can't be as good as the book)

Good man! Sword of Mana is an excellent game and perfect for the trip! He and I should talk about some other top GBA game choices. :-)

I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip, I'm looking forward to hearing about it! I would love to travel to Japan and am looking forward to the day that I will finally be able to.

How exciting! I will be checking in often this week to follow your adventures!

I think it is great that your 9 year old son has this opportunity to go to another country at such a young age. It is beneficial for children to experience other cultures out there earlier in their development. I believe it fosters an open mind.

Have a great trip guys!

Lane should listen to "Ender's Game." It's a great book about a kid close to his age.


Lane should listen to "Ender's Game." It's a great book about a kid close to his age.


Okay, so while I meant it, I didn't mean it so much that I wanted it posted twice. Sorry!


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