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For those who attended my presentation this morning (the crowd was small, but engaged and interested--it was fun!), and for those who couldn't (cough...joi...cough...danah...cough), the barest of notes (well, pictures, really) are here.

Tonight danah and I are doing a participant session on our blog definition/categorization idea, at 9pm. And tomorrow (Wednesday), I signed up to do a BOF on women and tech for those who want to continue the conversation that got cut short at the end of the presentation today.

If you're here and haven't come up to say hi, please do...now that I'm done talking, I'm a lot happier to be here. :)


I wanted to see your talk, but I had a conflict -- so I was glad to see your slides posted. And HOLY COW - there's a picture of me in there! Can't wait to talk with you F2F and find out what I'm doing there :-) -- I'll try to come by your session tonight.

Amy Jo Kim

Not to be too ignorant, but what is a BOF? All it brings to mind is Adam West as Batman.

Holy cheese wheel, Danah! Joi is by the dip! We must go!

BOF = "Birds Of a Feather"

Commonly used term for informal gatherings of people interested in a specific topic at conferences. :)

Ah, to be at a conference with Liz! I remember when... :-)

Well, if I had actually managed to make Etech, you bet I woulda been there...the slides are just too much of a tease!

Social networks! Blog this, FOAF that! Mobile urban international youth culture! User-centered flux capacitors! Emergent democratic empowerment of post-protean societies, YEAH!

Well, it's official! I created a site for blog sceptics called, surprisingly enough, The Blog Sceptic (blogsceptic.blogspot.com).

Anyone is welcome to email me ideas or particularly egregious examples of navel-gazing

What kind of blog skeptic spams every blog comment thread on the planet?




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