travel insanity


You know you're really in trouble when your schedule starts to look a lot like Joi's!

1/29-31, Chicago (consulting)
2/9-12, San Diego (speaking @ ETech)
2/21-3/3, Tokyo (tourism)
3/3-6, Shanghai (tourism)
3/13-16, Austin (speaking @ SXSW)
3/18-19, Washington DC (serving on NSF ITWF Review Panel)
3/28-30, Redmond, WA (Social Software Symposium)

Happily, things look like they'll calm back down again after that flurry of flights. Which is a good thing, for me and my family.

A student told me today that he didn't understand how I was able to do everything that I do--conferences, classes, family, etc. But I'm not sure that I actually do everything that everyone thinks I'm doing. There's a lot of smoke and mirrors involved. And there's also a lot of working in the spaces...multitasking during meetings and while sitting on the couch, while flying in airplanes and sitting in terminals.

The biggest down side of that multitasking is that I'm seldom completely in the moment--my attention always seems to be diverted a bit by the things I ought to be working on, the deadlines that are creeping up on me. So I'll be glad when life calms down a bit...spring brings some relief, and summer even more. For now, I'm going to put the computer down, and step away from the keyboard for a bit.


Well, at least your travel includes a couple of weeks in Aisa and some good music at SXSW. You could, after all, be trapped in South Dakota or something.
Hope it all goes well and make sure you take a couple of good books to read: one that relates to your work and another that has nothing to do with it.

The two books just arrived via Amazon. :) The one that relates to my work is John Seely Brown's The Social Life of Information, and the one that doesn't is Samantha Powers' "A Problem from Hell" : America and the Age of Genocide, which came highly recommended by Dervala Hanley, here and here.

hey Liz - How long you going to be in San Diego? What's your schedule? Perhaps we should pull a cork and catch up!?





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