sterling on spam

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This is wonderful. From Bruce Sterling:

Spam is now forced to mutter eerie magic charms as it routes its way past the growing host
of armed spam guards to my mailbox. 'No, no kill me,
I am not spaaaaam... Would spam speak of
"Orinoco Apocrypha"? Would mere spam muse
on "brutal Prussia," "discernable Petersburg"
and an "Acapulco assault"? I do these cultured,
verbally elaborate things in my "Pillsbury showboat,"
and hence I cannot be spam! Let me through with my
"hierarchic bronchiole", do not extinguish me o router and repeater!'

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Have you noticed lately that spam headers have changed? This phenomenon has been noted at´┐Ż My spam has been... Read More


This is poetry! We'll use it for Dig/Con next quarter.

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