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A colleague of mine, Mike Axelrod, has posted an essay on software development "traditions" on his blog, and is looking for feedback and comments. Take a look, and let him know what you think.

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Via Liz: Mike Axelrod's piece on traditions of software development. It's a nice piece, and the kind of thing I'd like to read more of (suggestions anyone?). Might dovetail well with Ellen Ullman's recent novel The Bug which I'm teaching Read More

Are there traditions in Software Development? Maybe, maybe not. Mike's Digital Laboratory: a new tradition (via

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Women are often purported to be the primary social network maintainers, the communicative sex. Yet, the more time i spend in blogging land, the more i realize how few women blog. (Major props to the women listed on the right!) In response to a conversation about blogging as an equalizer, i wrote a note today that blogging is a privilege. Assuming that my perception is accurate, i'm pretty convinced that bloggers (note: not LJers or other journalers) are primarily straight white men. Given that this is a sociable technology, this seems rather suggestive that blogging is not an equalizer.

I'd love to hear why misbehaving's readers think this is. Why do *you* think bloggers are mostly straight white men?

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