academic articles on edublogging?


Anybody know of some? I'll do some digging this week, but I figured I'd tap into the hive mind, too.

If you know of any that are in press (or close to it), I'd appreciate hearing about them, too.



unfortunately in french (some posts in english), and probably already well known :
But it is part of a ring where you may find more of the same kind:;action=list

I'm really looking for published artcles, preferably in peer-reviewed publications, if possible...

This one, may be, as a starting point for what you're really looking for...:

May be it can help you

Liz, I know you know this one, but for the record i'll pop my and Torill's paper in here. It's peer-reviewed and published in a book series from the University of Oslo, rather than a journal.

It's not a discussion of using blogs with students but rather of using blogs ourselves as researchers and graduate students.

Mortensen, Torill, and Jill Walker. "Blogging Thoughts: Personal Publication as an Online Research Tool." Researching ICTs in Context. Ed. Andrew Morrison. Oslo: InterMedia, University of Oslo, 2002. 249-79.

When I was starting a still not finished article about this a year ago I also found these:

Lamshed, Reece, Marsha Berry, and Laurie Armstrong. Blogs: Personal Learning Spaces. Melbourne: TAFE Frontiers, 2002. Accessed: Access June Access 2002.
--> this is a report, not a peer-reviewed article, but it's quite substantial. They tried using blogs in a course, but found it wasn't very successful. It's not a very good test of blogs, in my opinion, because they used none of the linking possibilities. Still, it's interesting to read the report.


Oravec, Jo Ann. "Bookmarking the World: Weblog Applications in Education." Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (2002).

Thanks, Jill. The latter two are more what I'm looking for. I'm getting more questions these days from colleagues who notice that I'm using blogs in my classes, and wonder if there's any "research" into their effectiveness as a pedagogical tool. It occurs to me that perhaps I should find a way to write up what I'm doing in an academic sort of way. Any interest in collaborating?

That might be a very good idea. I've been thinking for ages that I should write up the blogging stuff for an academic article. I've also been hesitant because I'm not sure about the ethical procedures for doing research on one's students. I'm trained in literary research and books and even hypertexts can be read and written about pretty freely - seems to me that things might change a bit when writing about people who are not only not fictional but who'll also be graded by me. I'm sure there must be ways of managing this though.

Have a look at Sebastian Fiedler's BlogTalk paper: "Personal Webpublishing as a reflective conversational tool for self-organized learning"$963

BTW that last article will appear in printed proceedings -

A new series of articles will be presented at the ED-MEDIA conference:

Or this one:

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