moving forward


Many thanks to all of you who sent words of comfort--via comments posted here, email, postal mail, phone and even in-person visits. It was, and continues to be, a great source of comfort to me and to my family.

The shiva period ended yesterday morning, and now it's time to start moving forward. There are legal issues, financial issues, emotional issues, and more. Life is complicated, and dealing with a sudden death doesn't make it less so.

But in addition to helping my sister put her life back together, I need to remember to keep my life on track. As many people have reminded me, my kids and husband need me, too, and I can't put work on hold forever (tempting though that might seem). So today I'm taking a day off from comforting others, and taking care of myself--spending time with my family, catching up on work, remembering to appreciate the most important things in my life. And yes, that includes blogging.


You and your family are still in my thoughts, Liz. Take care.

All my best, Liz. I wish you and your family, especially your sister, strength in healing.

My God, I'm so sorry. You and your sister are in my prayers.


I know what a good caretaker you are, so please take the day to care for YOURSELF. We miss you and send our love and support to you and yours.

Just checking in today & discovered what had happened. What can we say about this poor, dark world? Sending you whatever light I can. Take care.

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