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Eowyn in battle gearI admit it. I didn't read the books, even as a kid. Despite my great love of fantasy novels, Tolkien's turgid prose failed to draw me in. So I was pleasantly surprised today by the wonderful scene in which Eowyn defeats Nazgul, the king of the Ringwraiths. The Nazgul warns her that no man can slay him--and Eowyn removes her helm, shakes out her hair, and tells him "I am no man!" (At which point I whooped out loud.) Then (with a little help from Merry) she kills him.


The rest of the good lines in the movie clearly belonged to Gimli, whose comic delivery is a perfect foil to the depth and emotion of the rest of the movie.

All in all? An enormously satisfying and cinematic experience.


FYI - in the book, but not in the movie - Eowyn hooks up with Faramir.

I think half of the people I saw it in today whooped when Eowyn said that line. (The other half when she sliced the Nazgul's dragon's head off.)

that would be "half of the people in the theater I saw it in today"


Well they don't actually show that Faramir and Eowyn hook up in the movie, but it is kind of implied during Aragorn and Arwen's wedding when the two are standing together. At least that's the impression I got. :-) I dearly hope they put their love story in the extended edition!

Elaine, I was the _only_ one it the theater I saw it in who whooped. :(

But I was also one of only a handful of women in the theatre, which may have had something to do with it.

Egad, spoiler. I didn't know about it and stupidly read it. But then again, I guess there are no spoilers in a movie where it's based off of a novel.

Call me crazy, but I prefer Eowyn to Arwen. But perhaps that's why I'm only Mayor of Accordion City and not King of Gondor.

Cool! Haven't seen the movie yet, but when I was a kid, we were snowed in at a lodge, and the only interesting-looking book there was 'Lord of the Rings', so I read it. Eowyn was the FIRST female character I'd ever read who could be considered an 'action' heroine, and it was many years before I'd run across another, sadly. Glad that part's in the film!

Haven't seen that film here in Germany yet, but plan to do so over Xmas. So I'll keep an ear open for how that pun gets translated. It won't work, because we have two different words for man, Mann meaning male person, Mensch meaning a member of the human race, or even Man meaning someone.
SO it'll be interesting to hear what they do. I'll blog the result.

I have to wonder if there would have been an Arwyn if these books had been written in the post-feminist age. What exactly does she DO ( in the books, not the movies where her charachter is doctored up in the first movie ) besides look good?

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