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No good deed goes unpunished, it seems, and my additional feeds were met with more complaints ("but I really wanted a full feed with no comments"; "why are you duplicating content in your excerpts?", etc). In response, I've added a few more feeds, including a full (no comments) Atom 0.3 feed for Joi, and a separate comments feed for people who like their comments on the side.

Before you fuss at me about specifics, however, let me add that I am not writing these templates myself. I don't have the time or the inclination to learn enough about the syntax to do that. I'm relying on templates posted by others--Mark Pilgrim, Jennifer, and those on the MT site. Want a different feed than what you see here? Point me to an MT template I can use and I'll consider it.

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Well... while you are caving in to reader requests--

In either the move from or the redesign, you removed your GeoURL tags. If you add them back, I can include you in the Rochester Localfeed. I think I've made the process pretty easy:

Localfeeds: Rochester is at

Wouldn't this be a good topic and set of examples for introducing the idea of XML and the Semantic Web in class?

Just a thought... :-)

Thanks for adding yourself! Rochester is weirdly under-represented.

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