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I've bowed to peer pressure (honestly, who can resist a personal plea from Joi?), and added a full RSS 2.0 feed to the site, complete with comments. It can be found at I've also replaced my old RSS .91 excerpt feed ( with a shiny new RSS 2.0 excerpt feed. The RSS 1.0 ( feed remains unchanged.

The new 2.0 excerpt feed template comes from Mark Pilgrim, and the full + comments template comes from Jennifer (no last name visible anywhere that I can find...) on her "geek blog," etc..

(Side note: I arrived at Jennifer's site after a search for rss 2.0 full feed templates, but I'll be back--not just to her geek blog, but also to her personal blog, which is beautifully designed and well written.)

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Finally - thanks, Liz! :-)

Thank you so much. Personal pleas, hmmm... this could perhaps work with other bloggers, too...

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I'd like to point out that including both a description and a content:encoded isn't exactly beneficial to either my aggregator or your bandwidth when the decription is just automagically generated from the first N words of the same content that goes into the content:encoded.

Part of the problem is admittedly due to the default behavior of my chosen aggregator, but the other part is that your feed is repeating text in a way that's not really useful.




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