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The deadline for proposals for the Media Ecology Association conference has been extended to December 15th. The extensions announcement has details on the conference and the kinds of proposals they're looking for.

One panel proposal that has been submitted (and I suspect has a good chance of being accepted) is one that I'm chairing on "Weblogs and Cross-Disciplinary Communication." On the panel with me will be Clay Shirky, Seb Paquet, Jill Walker, and Alex Halavais. That alone should be reason enough for you to want to attend (or, better, yet, to propose your own presentation).

Here's our abstract:

While weblogs have been touted as an emerging publishing medium, academic weblogs are often used more for communication and dialog with other scholars and interested readers than they are for traditional broadcast publishing. Unlike mailing lists, weblogs combine broad accessibility (unhindered by subscription requirements) with clear authorial voice on the part of the weblog writer(s). The panel will discuss the opportunities and problems presented by weblogs as a tool for cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration.

And while Rochester's weather may be the moment, in mid-June it's quite wonderful here.

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Do I take it, then, that this conference will be in Rochester? Hmm, I see that it is. Maybe I should freshen up my “Digital Hermeneutics” paper. . . . But then, I don’t need (can’t afford) any more travel, especially since Nate plans to spend the summer in Evanston.




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