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If you use blogrolling (and I know most of the blogs I read do), you really ought to consider upgrading to Gold status. Why? Well, you could do it because it gives you the ability to create multiple blogrolls (that's how I separate out the daily, academic, rit, and tech blogrolls in the my sidebar--as well as maintaining the misbehaving elsewhere list and my class blogrolls). But more importantly, you could do it because Jason deserves some support for providing such an excellent service. It's free for you, but it's sure not free for him--he pays for the resources to support it, and the time to keep it humming.

So do the right thing, and upgrade. Mkay?



I feel guilty. Upgrading now.

I recently posted on "Beyond Blogrolling":


Don't know how many people read it, though, 'cause my pings continue to get dropped.

I agree that Jason deserves a heap of credit for what he's done with blogrolling; but I'm also wondering if the blogosphere hasn't outgrown it, and if it's time to think of a solution that's standards based.

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