"I teach for free; they pay me to do the grading."

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What a great quote.

Found in the comments of an Invisible Adjunct post on grading; attributed to someone's "senior colleague."

(IA, you need permalinks for your comments. I'm going to post a tutorial on that this week, since it's easy to do in MT if you know which tags to put into the templates.)

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from makeoutcity today: "Liz Lawley links the best quote ever from a teacher. 'I teach for free; they pay me to do the grading.' which i would translate in my case to: "I empathize for free; they pay me to... Read More


Permalinks for comments would be nifty. I look forward to your tutorial.

Actually, several folks have done how-tos on comments and permalinks (such as http://weblog.burningbird.net/fires/technology/comment_how_to.htm ). Still, have fun.




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