number portability and telephone books


Maybe I'm anachronistic, but I like having a telephone directory. A printed one. I look things up in it a lot (white pages as well as yellow pages). One of my great frustrations with cellular numbers is that they aren't in a directory--printed or online.

With the upcoming number portability, I suspect more people will begin moving from land lines to cellular-only, which leads me to wonder what's going to happen to directories, directory assistance, and the like. If I move my land-line phone number to a cellular provider, will it still be in the phone book? If I give up my land-line entirely, will people be able to find my number at all if I don't give it to them? Will phone books become anachronistic? Will I have to pay for each directory lookup because I'll have to go through a third-party provider for the information?


Well, unless I move offa this here Vermont mountain, I will always have a land line. No cell service up here!

This may be hyperbole, but it's been estimated that up to 1/3 of California households with telephones opt-out (with a small fee) of being listed in the telephone directory. This is a pre-cel ubiquity estimate: I have no idea if it's increased or decreased since then ...

Unfortunately, you are correct that if you port your land-line to wireless, you will be taken out of the phonebook, since you are no longer a customer of Frontier. If the cellular directory does finally become a realty, Frontier will always have the option of purchasing cellular listing to be included in their phonebook. Many smaller, rural telephone companies already do this for their listings when their customers have strong ties to locations that are just beyond their service area.




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