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Who would have ever thought I'd hear my 9-year-old son say to me "Mom, we need to buy more octopus!"?

Lane and I had dinner tonight with my mother and stepfather at a new Japanese restaurant here in Rochester, called Edoya, and it was a lovely meal.

We feasted on sushi and sashimi--maguro (tuna), tai (snapper), ebi (shrimp), ikura (salmon roe), masago (smelt roe)--along with tako yaki (fried octopus balls), kaki fry (fried oysters), chicken teriyaki, miso soup, tamago (omelette), and edamame. (Oh...and a custard dish that had various kinds of seafood in it. I can't remember what it was called, but it was very good. My mom had to call ahead to have them make it especially for us, as it's not a standard item on the menu.) Lane ate some of everything, and pronounced it all delicious. (I ate most of it, and agreed.)

At the end of the meal, the chef (who owns and runs the restaurant with his wife and daughter) brought over a small plate of food, and set it in front of my stepfather with a great flourish and obvious pride. "Fish liver," he said solemnly. "Anko." We weren't sure what he meant, but Don took a bite and was clearly delighted. "Like foie gras, but fish," said the chef. Don cut off a small piece and put it on Lane's plate, and Lane popped it into his mouth. "That's good!" he said.

The chef went back behind the counter, got a piece of paper, and started writing. A few moments later he returned with the paper, which bore a sketch of fish with an antenna-like projection that had a light at its end. "An-gler" he said, carefully. Lane looked delighted--"Just like in Finding Nemo!" I looked back at him. "Be careful," I said, "or you might have to join the shark's club." He thought for a minute, then burst out laughing. "Fish are friends, not food," he intoned solemnly. But he didn't look at all convinced.

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