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I was going to write about our unexpected watery adventure from last night, but Halley beat me to it.

She got all the details right. What she didn't get was the incredibly chagrined look on Gerald's face when, after we cleaned up the worst of it, I asked him what happened. It was like asking one of my kids how the lemonade ended up all over the floor. He knew he had to tell me, but he didn't want to.

She also left out the part where I called her back to tell her what had happened, and Gerald was shouting towards the phone "D*mn that Halley Suitt!" (he was kidding, folks, please don't chastise him in the comments!)

So there it is...a cautionary tale. Blogs can be bad for your (or your home's) health. All things in moderation, especially Halley's Comment!


Hmmm, there is a market for devices for timed shut off of valves. Gerald is not the only one with poor bathtub attention span. I know of a friend who did it not only once but twice and not for blog reading reasons.

Or maybe the meditation gurus can make watching the tub fill one of the great stress relievers.

It used to be "stop and smell the flowers." It could be "stop and watch the tub fill up."

Turning off the oven after you take the dish out.... is the other booboo that could do with some embeded software to help multitasking users remember some off commands.

The relating of G's overflow experience provoked Anne Galloway to remember a certain typology she presented:

But seeing this post today reminds me of what I was talking about at Ubicomp: the differences between dementia (as forced forgetfulness), nostalgia (as voluntary forgetfulness) and hope (as necessary forgetfulness).

The reference to "this post" appears in a comments section and may refer to Liz's post or the Anne's entry. All I know is that the bathtub versus the blog context generated some thinking and writing :)

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