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alexphoto.jpgIt seems our local newspaper, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, sent a photographer and a tape recorder to my kids' school during school picture day last month. My younger son, Alex, is quite a clothes horse, and had demanded to wear his "wedding suit" (from my sister's June wedding) that day--which made him an excellent subject for the newspaper cameras.

We didn't know any of this, of course ("Anything interesting happen today?" "Nah."). Until this morning, when we found Alex's picture in the paper. Turns out it's also on the web as a multimedia presentation (requires Flash).


Excellent mulitimedia presentation even if your son hadn't been in it. Great photography and sound. What a treasure for you to share.

He shines already.

What a well-spoken (and well-dressed!) young man. That's great!

That's actually not Alex's voice in the soundtrack. :)

Here's the bit from the article in the paper (this is the close of a two-full-page article):

Amanda sits at a cafeteria table next to Alex Lawley, who looks grown-up in his black suit, complete with striped tie. "I got these especially for my aunt's wedding," Alex says.

Amanda seems impressed. "We call him Mr. Turner, because he's dressed up like the principal."

Alex reports that his older brother, Lane, called him "Mr. President" in that outfit.

Does he feel different in dressy clothes? "Not really," Alex says. "Just hot."


(Actually, they spelled Lane's name wrong--called him "Wayne"--much to his horror. Poor Lane...Alex always seems to be in the right place at the right time for media attention. It makes Lane miserable. :( )

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