open wifi in queen street cafe!

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I finished my presentation, and escaped in search of lunch. Wandered down Queen Street, and into the Bishop and the Belcher, a pub that had enough people inside to indicate edible food, but not so many as to make for a wait.

And miracle-of-miracles, there's an open WiFi network here. w00t!

As to the presentation, it went fine. Thanks for all the good wishes, and suggestions--slightly revised version of the presentation is now up. I took lots of notes about the two blog panels, and will post them later today once I've cleaned 'em up a little bit. No networking at the conference (yet...Apple seems to be working on it, and we had 15-20 minutes of connectivity before it disappeared again), so no live blogging. If they get the wireless working later, I'll see what I can do. Jason Nolan ("and his team," he said) are doing a conference blog, too.

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The Association of Internet Researchers conference is on, in Toronto. Liz just gave her talk on blogs this morning, Thomas Burg liked it, and Liz (in iChat while listening to presentations) sends me the URL to a site that collects... Read More

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Funny.. you're going to think I'm blog-stalking you, but we ate dinner nearly every night at the Bishop & the Belcher on our last trip to Toronto.. I was going to recommend it along with the BSD Bistro, but it slipped my mind. :) If you happen to like bubble tea, check out the Tea Club down the street!




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