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Haven't been blogging, but I have been working. Finishing up the paper for AoIR, and putting up an MT-driven web site for my grant research.

I leave for Toronto Wednesday night, and once I get through the Thursday morningn presentation I'll get to relax and enjoy both the conference and the city.

There are two restaurants I ate at when I was in Toronto in July that I'm hoping to visit again while I'm there. One is the Epicure Cafe on Queen Street W, where I had an excellent and surprisingly inexpensive dinner the night I arrived for ALA. The other was a wonderful Mauritian restaurant called Blue Bay Cafe at the corner of Dundas and Roncesvalles. (I'm blogging this because I'd forgotten the names of both, and needed to have a friend remind me. Now I'll have the names and links easily available as needed.)


My girlfriend and I absolutely LOVE the Epicure Cafe. We've been to Toronto on vacation two summers in a row now and have made a point of eating at least one lunch or dinner there. Another place to check out is the BSD Bistro on King St W, which was within walking distance of the very cheap Travelodge at which we stayed.

Kinda wish I could have made it to AOIR, but the travel budget was all used up from having just gone to Toronto :)

Epicure Cafe - Excellent atmosphere and great food




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