conference scheduling woes


Aaaaargh! I just realize that Tim Berners-Lee is speaking at AoIR. Which would be great if it weren't at exactly the same time as my panel.

That is so completely and utterly unfair.



Having spoken on the same program as Tim B-L a couple of years back, I could tell you that you're not missing much.

But that would be a lie.

I may not buy into the Semantic Web, but he's as good a speaker as he is a thinker. (Yes, that's praise.)

sorry about that, that panel had to be the same time as someone, because it had to be a panel. there is probably a story to be told about 'how it came about' etc. but i'm not that familiar with it.

Got an acquaintance who could sneak in a digital recorder for ya?

No kidding! It's not just that panel, but most of the sessions at that time. I'm sure this is just a personal perspective, but it's like they put everything I'm interested in during the two hours I have to be stuck in a room talking about blogs.

certainly that's not everything interesting:) Though that slot does have 3 things that I want to go to:( In my case, most of the time slots are like that, but then we've always had lots of parallel sessions with quite a bit of interesting material. TBL though may be at the later panel of their double panel submission also, I don't know though.

There will be digital recorders around and bloggers and scribes. I'll probably have my video on part of the conference, maybe record the keynotes, and such in my usual 'badly lit and incredibly shaky' cinema style.




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