the pixel turns 50

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I discovered a new (to me) publication today--core77 design magazine. (How? I followed a link from Stewart Butterfield's blog to a post by Andrew Zolli on Z+ Blog, and from there to core77.)

In particular, I ended up on an article--also by Andrew Zolli--called "Pixelvision: A Meditation." The article, written in anticipation of the pixel's 50th anniversary next year, is a very nice piece on the history and use of pixels as design elements. I want to try to work it into the readings for my Intro to Multimedia class, probably when we talk about digital image concepts midway through the quarter.

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Pixelating from Matthew G. Kirschenbaum on September 8, 2003 2:24 PM

Via Liz: Pixelvision: A Meditation. A great short piece on the history of the pixel. Let me add that I believe this is precisely the kind of work we should be doing more of in new media studies, digital studies, Read More


Core77 is really excellent. To go along with that, I recommend designboom. Makes one want to be a designer alright! (Or at least call yourself one ...)

Only 50 years?

What about Seurat's pointilism?

It looks like pixel-based design to me.

Okay, okay. You're right. I should have said "digital pixels." :)

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