summer into fall


It's a lazy Friday evening here in the Lawley household. The first full week of school is over, and we're slowly adjusting to our new schedules--alarm clocks going off at 6:30am, bus pulling up at 7:30, me getting to the gym (ideally) at 8:00, and everyone winding up back at the house by dinnertime.

I know the calendar says it's still summer, but it sure feels like fall to me. And I'm glad, because I love fall. The weather here in Rochester has been nothing short of glorious. Crisp, cool nights, perfect for snuggling under blankets. Warm, sunny days, nice enough for shorts and sandals. The maple trees are just starting to turn orange at the edges. We've got sweet/tart, juicy grapes (Cayuga, I think) ripening on the vine in our backyard--Lane brought me some tonight, and we relished them together.

Tonight we had an amazing sunset, the kind that looks like molten gold flowing across the sky. I didn't take pictures, because Alex and I were too busy standing on the driveway watching it.

These are golden days. And I'm savoring them...because I know that nothing gold can stay.


Oh, the sunset! It was wonderful tonight. Wish I had a view like back home, with the trees and mountains across the valley. _Deep sigh._

Adam beat me to it. It was gorgeous. ;)


Ooooh, I'm jealous! It's still so HOT over here in the Middle East. I would kill for a fall day.

But then I guess I just have to remember that we're going to get long stretches of the nice crisp sunny weather come Nov-March, when you have to deal with the gray skies and snow.

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