single motherhood does not agree with me


Every time my husband leaves town, things seem to go wrong. He left yesterday morning for a short trip to Alabama--visiting friends and family, and seeing a Little Feat concert in Mobile.

So, of course, I immediately got sick. Some nasty cold virus that I got either from him (thanks, honey), or from the crowds on campus (just as likely).

And I've got to have a mammogram done tomorrow. Not a routine one. Doctor says there's probably nothing to worry about. Most likely this. Sure hope he's right.

Not to mention the fact that Isabel is headed straight for us, with winds gusting up to 50mph forecast for tomorrow, so I'll be cooped up in the house with two rambunctious kids (who, thankfully, are outside now using up excess energy--and even, miracle of miracles, playing well with each other!).

Will update on health and weather tomorrow.


It *is* probably that, Liz. Known lots of women with it, including my mom.

Here's hoping you're one more.

Best luck with the mammogram, Liz, and oh, yes, single motherhood can be amazingly exhausting. I would struggle if I had to do it fulltime.

I *wish* I could be cooped up at home. As it is, I have to be at the airport at 5am, assuming they don't shut down, trying to get on a plane. And if they do shut down, I get to spend the day driving through a (dissipated) hurricane.

Thanks. I feel much better now for venting :).

Good luck with the mammogram, Liz.

Statistics don't count when it is about one personally. I wish you lots of strength for tomorrow, and hopefuly you can get some good rest tonight.

My mother, my sister, and I are all fibrocystic, but that doesn't prevent any of us from freaking out every time there's a scare. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.

Liz, I hope that the news is positive today. Take care.

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