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Every now and then, I poke around my referral logs to see what search terms are bringing users to my site. I was quite amazed to see some of the searches in Google that currently bring my site up on the first page

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Today Practical RDF was reviewed at Slashdot, a fact I found out when some kind souls warned me of the fact, to prepare me for the hordes marching in. However, Slashdot book reviews usually don't generate the server stress that other Slashdot articles ... Read More


Aren't we easily entertained. I followed each of your odd search terms.

We're still #1 for

pics to look at while on acid

Yep, Granny-meg is right, Liz, we all have our niches :-)
as a blogger, I'm still #1 according to our German Google for for "rants irregularly" :-)

I get my fair share of wierdos too. The other day I blogged a crypto article headlined "Play fair with Yvonne" (that's a pun on her decoding crack of the Playfair cipher). Now I'm getting hits from the porn-seekers looking to play with Yvonne :-(


I'm just pleased to see someone recognizes the quote came from Pogo (OK, or Walt Kelly). I see it attributed to a lot of other folks from time to time.

Thanks for implementing the fix on Corante. It works perfectly know and is appreciated :)

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