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Three cheers for the LazyWeb!

In his comment on my comment spam post, Jay Allen points to his solution for dealing with comment spam--and it's a far more elegant approach than anything else I've seen.

Thanks, Jay!

(Thanks also for pointing to David Raynes' new SubCategories plug-in for MT, which I'll be making good use of soon!)

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James Seng creates a brilliant MT hack that I hope STOPS COMMENT SPAM dead! I've just installed it and it works. Take a test drive with a comment to this post. I particularly want a few fellow suffers to know....Cal,... Read More


Glad you like it. I personally am thrilled with it, as I've been able to head off what seems to be a persistent attack of comment spam on my site (I suppose they dont like me much now) with the system.

So far, not one of the approximately 15 spams in the last two days has ever been posted to the site.

Definitely a worthwhile read. I do it [Spam comment removal] manually nowadays, but if I get bored with it I'll automate it as it was suggested. Still playing with the blog.

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