accordion guy makes me laugh

Days like today, which are shot all to hell by meetings and administrivia, are when I most need a good laugh.

Today's good laugh was brought to me by Accordion Guy (aka Joey deVilla, who I sure hope will be in Accordion City when I'm there next month for AoIR).

He blogged about an accident at Lockheed-Martin involving a satellite. According to the news report,

The mishap was caused because 24 bolts were missing from a fixture in the �turn over cart�. Two errors occurred. First, technicians from another satellite program that uses the same type of �turn over cart� removed the 24 bolts from the NOAA cart on September 4 without proper documentation. Second, the NOAA team working today failed to follow the procedure to verify the configuration of the NOAA �turn over cart� since they had used it a few days earlier.

Here's how Joey ended his post:

I can see the instant message chatter going on at Lockheed right now: [RocketMan23] SRRY BOUT BORRWING BOLTS WITHOUT TELLING U BUT U SHULD HV CHEKD LOL

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