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I want to find a grant or a visiting fellowship for the 2005-2006 academic year. Ideally one that lets me go overseas, along with my family.

I'll be eligible for a sabbatical at that point, and the half-pay I'll get for the academic year won't be enough for us to live on. So the goal is to find a place--academic or commercial--that wants a visiting scholar or scientist who's interested in working on social software topics. Such a get a well-credentialed, good-natured expert for a few months, without any of the messy overhead of long-term contracts or benefits! And as an added bonus, you'll increase the female-male ratio in your organization for the duration.

So, if you hear of anything (or better yet, have the power to create anything), do let me know! (Yes, I realize it's a long time from now, in bubble-time. But it seemed worth starting the seed-planting process.

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You knew I'd respond, hey? All I can tell you is that I know from my sources that a Fulbright to Israel is really, really easy to obtain these days for lack of applicants.

Other programs that offer funding to do stuff in Israel are in the same situation.

And I PROMISE I'd keep you guys safe, I really would!

Funny you should say that. I was actually trying to convince Gerald last night that a Fulbright in Israel might be an interesting option. He didn't look convinced. :) But hey, I've got a year to work on him...

Liz, I'll email you some thoughts I have about having you teach in Japan ;)




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