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My colleague Tona Henderson introduced me to an amazingly helpful site this quarter. It's called Papersinvited, and it collects calls for papers from conferences and journals worldwide.

When you register, you create a profile and tell the system what topic areas you're interested in following. In addition to the existing topical categories (I subscribe to "Library and Information Sciences," "Knowledge Management," "Communication," "Digital Arts," and "Internet and Online Services"), you can specify up to five keywords to look for in announcements (I have "weblogs," "blogs," "social software," "gender," and "women").

Each time you log in, it shows you current announcements in the areas you've selected. You can delete them if you're not interested, or add them to a planner, which is a calendar that shows you upcoming submission dates, notification dates, and conference dates.


I don't know why it's free, but it is. And it's incredibly useful to those of us who are under various pressures to publish and present in peer-reviewed contexts.

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As Liz wrote , this is an amazingly useful site for academics. Read More

Call for Papers Repository from thomas n. burg | randg�nge on September 20, 2003 6:09 AM

Well, thanks a lot for pointing to this site. Read More

PapersInvited from miscellany is the largest category on September 22, 2003 5:05 PM

Papersinvited, self-proclaimed as Call for Papers - Largest listing of call for papers in all areas of specialization. Definately need to check this out when I have some time. [via Liz]... Read More

km call for papers... from judith meskill's knowledge notes... on September 23, 2003 10:56 PM

Papersinvited, via Liz Lawley's mamamusings: amazingly useful site for academics, lists the following Knowledge Management conferences and tracks with abstracts due in October 2003: 1. 2004 IRMA International Conference New Orleans, �USA Abstract Date:... Read More




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