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I was trying to remember which presentations at the Association of Internet Researchers conference I was planning to attend, and had to poke through my outbox to find the email I sent to a colleague about the topic.

So to save myself that hassle next time, I'm posting it here, in an easily searchable context. External memory, indeed.

(Caveat...all the URLs changed between the first time I found the panels, and the second time. Apparently the URLs are tied to time slots, rather than unique presentations, so if they change the schedule, the URL changes, too. Blech. So if they're wrong when you click on them, it's not my fault!)

8:30 - 9:45: The first of two panels on "Broadening the Blog" -- Alex Halvais, Thomas Burg, Cameron Marlow, and Matthew Rothenberg

10:00 - 11:15: The second of the blog panels, with Aaron Delwiche, Taso Lagos, me, Jason Nolan, and Jo Ann Oravec.

Unfortunately, at the very same time there are two panels that I really wanted to go to. <sigh>

From 8:30-9:45 is a panel on Online Social Research: Methods, Issues, Ethics. And from 10-11:15am are two things I wish I could attend, one panel on Online Research Methods, and another on Identity and Gender.

2-3:45pm: A panel on Gendered Subjectivities, including a presentation called "Hacking Women: How Popular Media Represent the Technologically Proficient Woman."

8:00-8:30am: Blogging BOF

8:00-8:30am: Blogging BOF (yes, again. don't know why)

2-3:45pm: Expanding the Boundaries: Methodological Issues in Doing Internet Research

8:30-9:45am: Broadening Options and Raising Standards for Qualitative Internet Research: A Dialogue among Scholars

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