does she or doesn't she?

She does.

Today it was Féria "Carmel Kiss" (yes, that's how they spelled it on the box, though they seem to have it right on the web site), which L'oréal describes as "Dark Iridiscent Blonde: A deeper blonde that's never brassy." It looked a little dark on the box, but it turned out just right. Took away the lines between my sun-bleached, too strong highlights and my natural dark blonde/light brown hair, and--true to the box's claim--did it without making the color too flat. Don't know if I'd call it "pure prismatic color," but it does have some depth, and I like it. (Might add a photo later; camera batteries are recharging right now.)

So, I guess I'm ready to face another school year tomorrow. (Cue James Brown..."I feel good...") In the rush to get the kids and myself ready for fall, I've let the blog go a bit lately. Will try to get back in the habit of posting regularly.

But for now I'll go back to populating the course blog for my Intro to Multimedia class, mentally sorting through my clothes to choose an outfit for tomorrow, and spending my last few hours of summer vacation with my family on this gorgeous afternoon.




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