photos from white lake

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tinyfriday.jpgI tried to post my vacation photos in a TypePad photoblog, but got frustrated. I can't figure out how TypePad orders the photos, and I can't find a way to reorder them. So I gave up, and uploaded the files to an Ofoto album instead. The photo to the left is a preview version--it's the view of the lake off the back deck of the house, taken early Friday morning.

I set the album up so it doesn't require you to log in. I don't get charged for bandwidth. And family members can order prints (though I've found they tend to print a little dark, unfortunately...).

The new computer is up and running, and I like it. A lot. More on that tomorrow, when it's hooked up to the 23" cinema display again!

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I noticed that Liz had a little frustration posting some pictures online. I've found several excellent (and free) online photo album generation packages. You could try JAlbum (my favorite), Gallery, or SnapGallery and batch resize your pictures with th... Read More


Just to let you know, if you go into "configure" in photo albums in TypePad, you can choose to sort the album by Date Taken (ascending or descending) or by the photo titles.

Lovely shots. Your boys are really photogenic, and the photographer ain't bad either.

"Bliss" is my fave.

Me and my family used to travel to a similar vacation spot when I was growing up...good times! Hope you became recharged enough for the duration of the school year. (not so sure i am)

Great photos! Looks like you and your family had a wonderful, relaxing time! There's nothing better than getting away from it all...

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