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We were invited to dinner tonight at a good friend's house, along with the kids. "Sorry," we said. "We can definitely be there, but our kids have other plans." She was amused, since they're 6 and 9 years old, respectively. But it's true. The older one is with his grandmother for the day and overnight, and the younger one is at an all-day birthday party and sleepover. So it's just us old folks, with 24 hours of freedom stretching out in front of us. Wow.

It's an absoutely beautiful day--sunny, temperatures in the 70s, so we're off to Seneca Lake to hit some of our favorite wineries...probably Fox Run, Anthony Road, and Torrey Ridge, today, since they're all on the near side of the lake. (Torrey Ridge is home to our favorite wines for summer grilling, a Baco Noir and a Pinot/Baco blend they call Summit, both aged in toasted oak for a nice smoky flavor that goes wonderfully with barbecue.) Alas, our favorite Asian bistro, Kyo, isn't open for lunch on Saturday. We'll have to go with Plan B, where we eat at the caf´┐Ż at Fox Run. Sad, isn't it?

Then home again, to shower, change, and head out to the dinner party. Our job is to bring margarita fixings for the eight adults--a perfect assignment for Gerald, who's been perfecting his cocktail-mixing skills this summer and mixes one mean margarita now. (Cointreau rather than Triple Sec, fresh-squeezed lemon and lime juice, and good margarita salt for the glasses. Mmmmm-mmmm.)

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Ah, memories... I remember the times when I used to partake in such birthday parties and spend the summer at my grandparent's house (which I actually enjoyed, unlike a lot of other kids).

Sounds like quite the day, traveling to all of those winderies, especially with the weather as beautiful as it was. Don't forget though, lots of water will make the day last and keep it feeling great. ;-)

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