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Apparently Radio is now offering trackback tools for its weblogs. I know this because I've gotten pinged by several of them today. This would be a Good Thing, but for one problem--most of them have been duplicate pings. Some pinged me twice, some pinged me as many as four times. Ick.

I've manually deleted a bunch of the extra pings from the entries, so that they don't clutter up my pages. But if anyone from Radio is reading this (like Jake Savin, maybe), I'd be grateful if they'd look into what it is about either the infrastructure or the interface that's causing this problem. :(

For troubleshooting purposes, this URL pinged one of my entries 4 times:

This one pinged me twice each on two different posts:

4 TrackBacks

duplicate pings from radio weblogs. Apparently Radio is now offering trackback tools for its weblogs. I k...

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My guess is that a ping is sent out each time a post is edited.

Now I would imagine that the autodiscover feature used by RU to find the trackbackURL does not record a previous successful ping and each successive edit of the post will send it again.

I don't see any way out at this stage - except making real sure before posting... or disabling trackback before post editing.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Did you edit the post three times in a 2-second timeframe? Because all four pings from your site came within one second of each other (three at 5:17:34pm, one at 5:17:35pm).

No need to apologize, though. I appreciate the link, and am glad you found the post interesting. The trackback bugs will get worked out, I'm sure.

Oh nooo, I just assumed it was due to my editing - but it was certainly not done that quickly!

Well, seeing as it is day one for trackback in Radio, it's likely to have some teething problems...

Thank you for so many thought provoking posts.

I think I've identified and eliminated the problem that caused the multiple pings from my post.

Just prior to activating trackback on Radio, I had installed a third party extension for Radio (Mark Paschal's Kit) to test later, which amongst others, has its own independant trackback feature.

So, I'm afraid it was all my fault - not having sufficiantly taken all the implications into account before installing and activating new features.

I hereby hope to exonerate Jake and Userland in this regard.

Thanks, Andr�, but your post was not the only one with dupes. Yours was the only one with _four_, but I've had several more that pinged twice within a few seconds--which leads me to believe there's still a bug in there somewhere.

I've released a change for Radio which should prevent Radio from sending multiple pings if a post is edited and posted in rapid succession.

I can't fix any problems with non-UserLand tools like Kit, but I'm pretty sure that basic Radio installations will no longer send pings multiple times.




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