If you're reading this with a browser, you've probably noticed that I've reskinned the site. Many thanks to those who took the time to comment here and on the test blog as I tweaked the design.

If you run into a problem with the new design, please let me know!


In Safari 1.0 (I need to upgrade, huh?) the left column overlaps the main section. Or rather, the main column goes under the left column and is flush against the left edge of the window.

And I kind of liked getting the bigger view of your face, but apart from that I'm happy. I can't see what I'm writing though...

Oh. Weird. Now it's refreshed and looks completely different. I like that MUCH better. I love the warm colours and the echo from your top to the other colours.

Maybe I caught you in between style sheets or something.

Hey Liz,

I like the colours you chose; they seem to... suit you.

Glad to see all your hard work coming to fruition.


oooh, pretty. I'm diggin' it.

Interestingly, depending upon where a link lands in terms of the background, the red is either warm or cool. I vote you go both cooler (ie a tone from somewhere in the middle of the bar above) and more muted. It'll give the site more softness in keeping with the rose.

A+. ;-)

It looks great, I think you have more than achieved the effect you were going for. I also think it ties in well with your previous entry "do people look like their blogs?" This suits you more in my opinion.

For some reason...the comments box starts me off 2 lines down and in the center, but that's not a big deal.

Site looks good, links look good :) *crosses his fingers for the slanted picture*

And, just to be suggestive, maybe put your picture on the left side of the links next to it? I'm liking it though, very elegant and laid back.

Bright and colorful. It's a nice change from the standard design that you had before.

The fonts a little small on Safari, but that's a common problem with Safari and easily adjusted for .

I like it.

That looks great, Liz, love it. Are you going to add a right content column too?

Just a note to say the new layout works great on Palm TungsteC WiFi.

Nice color scheme. It matches your photo.

Just wanted to say...picture looks awesome now how it is. Please ignore my post.


Wow. Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments. Lots of the credit goes to Weez, who helped me a lot with the colors and "feel."

I'm glad to know it works well on handhelds. I haven't tested it yet on my Sidekick (which doesn't get a signal here in the house), but I'm hoping it works well there (most MT blogs don't).

I don't currently plan on adding a right-side content bar. I'm liking the less crowded feeling right now.


Nice. Simple. Elegant.

The two column approach lines up nicely with the background illustration of the unfolding rose. A right-side content bar would unbalance the design.

Lucky you to have Weez invest time and energy in providing assistance in producing a superb style.

I dig the color scheme.

But then, I would, wouldn't I? :)

Might you consider fixing the background image to the page? Or do you like it to scroll off?

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