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The weather in Rochester is gorgeous today...low 80s, puffy clouds in a blue sky, negligible humidity. Spent the morning with my grandmother, my mother, and my son, walking and lunching along the Erie Canal. But duty calls now--I've started getting paychecks for the NSF grant work, so I'm in the office trying not to stare out the window at the still-beautiful day.

First order of business--find a graduate assistant!

This is an incredibly sweet deal for the right person. Over $15K towards tuition for two years (that covers about 3 2 courses per quarter, but I'm working on a change that will push it to 3), along with a $16,000 stiped for working 20/hours a week for 9 months (well, less than 9 months, really, factoring in quarter breaks and holidays).

Yes, I understand that the downside is that you'd have to live in Rochester. But believe it or not, I'm not here under duress. It's a genuinely nice place to live. Low cost of living, wonderful art and music, good technology infrastructure, great health care, lovely spring, summer, and fall weather. Yes, the winters are challenging. But not nearly as bad as urban legend makes them out to be.

If you're interested, take a look at the project web site, which has a detailed description of the project, and then get in touch with me directly.

Given the nature of the project, we'd obviously prefer a woman for the position...we feel as though the project funds would be best spent helping to bring another woman into the research. But that's not a mandatory characteristic, just a preferred one. We definitely need someone with strong written and verbal communication skills, and would prefer someone with some social science background--undergrad, grad, or professional.

We're reviewing existing applications to the IT program, but don't want to limit it to that pool. Because of the tight time frame, however, it will be important to let me know sooner rather than later if you're interested in the position.

Update, 5:57pm
Forgot to mention a bit about the academc program. In addition to lots of basic IT areas, from multimedia development to networking & systems administration to HCI. We've got a burgeoning game development program, and I'm hoping to start a concentration focused on social software development.


Hey, I’almost tempted to apply. Y’all couldn’t work out a trade-off for a few religion courses, could you?

It's a good gig, all right. Sorry I'm spoken for, or I'd try for it.

It definitely sounds like something I would be interested in considering I am relocating to Rochester in August. I have a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and would love to get my masters in the Multimedia/3D animation department of RIT. Please feel free to contact me.

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